The Tenneyson Family

Two friends, entrepreneurs, and dads with backgrounds in craft spirits and plant-based wellness, Graham and Michael, created Tenneyson with unique perspectives, but a common goal; To create a BOLD (better than) alcohol alternative that they enjoyed drinking, that could live on their bar shelf, and that made them feel good about taking a moment from the grind while "scratching the itch" for a stiff alcoholic cocktail but without the drawbacks of actually drinking alcohol. 

The goal wasn't to mock the flavors or effects of traditional spirits like whiskey or gin but to create their OWN thing for a fresh and bright take on what liquor could be.

After many rounds of both beverages, and development, they arrived at a plant-based (better than) alcohol alternative that not only tastes good and is good for you, but is also the ideal vehicle to get creative, have fun, or celebrate everyday moments with friends and family when there is still work to be done.


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