Black Ginger

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Our Black Ginger is Bold and Spicy yet sip-able. Unlike any spirit or aperitif you have ever tasted. Excellent on its own or mixed into a No or Low-Alcohol cocktail.

We don't mock the flavors or effects of traditional liquor categories like whiskey or gin. We do our OWN thing for a fresh, bold and bright take on what liquor could be. Think along the lines of an aperitif or digestif; concentrated, botanical, spicy and robust ginger, without any bubbles or added sugars.

Our recipe is designed to reward your body with smart, real and unique ingredients like ginger, dandelion, lemon balm, bergamot, Yerba Matte, Grape Seed, and Gentian Root. A combination that you can feel good about and enjoy sipping or mixing.

No Added Sugars | No Caffeine | No Artificial Flavors or Colors | Low Calorie | Vegan-ish (*responsible honey)

*Like a spirit should, Tenneyson can live on your bar cart or your liquor shelf. It is good for up to a year without being refrigerated.

(2+ Bottles Ship Free)

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Mae
10/10 for Tenneyson (get it)

I have been sober coming up on 7 years, so I am not someone who is looking to replicate the experience of alcohol - moreso just looking for a low lift grown up beverage to make for myself when I'm feelin' fancier than a basic ginger ale. Tenneyson is one of my favorite finds so far in that regard. 2oz pour + lime juice + tonic water and some garnishes are perfect for a little post-work pick-me-up while I make dinner.

Lisa Williams
Totally Blown Away

Black Ginger is a taste bud sensation! Great on its own or a recipe of your choice. My current favorite is with Blood Orange Ginger Beer!!!

Pattii Montgomery

This was my second order of Black Ginger. It is my weekday go to for a tasty satisfying mocktail. I have shared a bottle with both my daughters and they love it, too.

Greer Tison
love it!

delicious, my favorite Tenneyson drink is 2 shots of tenneyson with club soda, a little fever tree ginger beer and half a lemon, squeezed!

Its nice.

Recalibrated prior review. It's nice. It has a good edge as an alcohol substitute and if you like Kombucha or similar concoctions its worth a try. I'm interested in their future offerings and think this space will evolve. I prefer without ice and anything because its flavor isn't as pronounced. $40 or whatever is pretty steep however framed, but people who buy this won't stick $15 tincture next to their $$$ booze on bar so its the way it likely has to be.

Wish Tennyson much success and think critical reviews make the products better and keep us all on our toes. :)

Thanks for taking the time to try our Tenneyson Black Ginger and share your perspective. Quickly want to address your points to help others:
Tenneyson is shelf stable and should be safe and retain maximum quality for at least 12 months beyond its production date, even after opening. We believe that a true spirit alternative should live on your bar cart next to your other spirits rather than next to your milk in the refrigerator. Therefore, if it was meant to be refrigerated, we would note that on the package but your concern is noted.
Also, Tenneyson is not meant to be a 'value' product and the price reflects the premium ingredients, package, and partnerships that we invest in to deliver a 'worthy' alternative to a traditional spirit.
We also pride ourselves on the bold and complex flavor which generally stands up as you mix it with ice and other ingredients...especially compared to the majority of our competitors. However, if you like sipping it neat, that it is one of the ways that we recommend enjoying Tenneyson: Neat. On the Rocks. In a Cocktail.

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