Black Ginger

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Our Black Ginger is Bold and Spicy yet sip-able. Unlike any spirit or aperitif you have ever tasted. Excellent on its own or mixed into a No or Low-Alcohol cocktail.

We don't mock the flavors or effects of traditional liquor categories like whiskey or gin. We do our OWN thing for a fresh, bold and bright take on what liquor could be. Think along the lines of an aperitif or digestif; concentrated, botanical, spicy and robust ginger, without any bubbles or added sugars.

Our recipe is designed to reward your body with smart, real and unique ingredients like ginger, dandelion, lemon balm, bergamot, Yerba Matte, Grape Seed, and Gentian Root. A combination that you can feel good about and enjoy sipping or mixing.

No Added Sugars | No Caffeine | No Artificial Flavors or Colors | Low Calorie | Vegan-ish (*responsible honey)

*Like a spirit should, Tenneyson can live on your bar cart or your liquor shelf. It is good for up to a year without being refrigerated.

(2+ Bottles Ship Free)

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Great product!

I love the flavor profile.

Brittany Burnett
Soothing with a kick!

Really drinks like a treat! The sour/spice kick is satisfying in a way most NA drinks are not.

Megan Espinosa

I love it!!!

Lauren N
Pregnant and Appreciative!

I am pregnant and have been really missing a good cocktail now that it’s summer. Club soda just wasn’t doing it. A friend told me about Tenneyson and it was the first time I felt like I had a mocktail that felt like the real experience (minus the inebriation or negative effects). But it tastes like the real deal (and delicious!), and should be a staple for the sober or sober curious. 😊

robert kallos
A Drink worth savoring

A husky, savory, smooth flavor that emboldens your drink - I am on my third bottle - good thing is not alchohol!

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